Avignon - circuit popes

(17 km - 18 mn)

Duration: 2:30 Elevation: 100 m Level: All walkers

Largest gothic palace in the world, built in 1335, the Papal Palace is primarily the work of two popes, Benedict XII and Clement VI

Nine Popes have succeeded in this palace-fortress from which the church exercised its power throughout the 14th century.

Bypassing the fortress by the street of the Vice-Legate.

Cross the Orchard of Urban V, then go up the stairs of Saint Anne to the summit of the Rocher des Doms. This rock reveals its top superb views of Avignon, Villeneuve-lez-Avignon and Mont Ventoux. natural refuge, occupied since prehistoric times. He formerly served sometimes defense against the enemy, sometimes a refuge against the excesses of the Rhone.

The Garden of Doms was laid in the nineteenth century. A small vineyard overlooking the Rhône remember that Avignon is the capital of the Côtes du Rhône.

Get off the rock by the stairs leading to the ramparts. Walk along the direction of the Saint-Benezet bridge, then turn left via the passage dug in the rock and the small streets regain the Palace Square.

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