La Grotte Chauvet

(100 km, 1h29)Vallon-Pont-d'Arc - ArdècheAlong with the Lascaux cave, Cosquer and Cussac, the Chauvet cave is one of the major French caves in terms of its aesthetic qualities and the number of its works.
Twenty years after the discovery of the Chauvet cave, access to which was reserved for the scientific team in charge of its study, the Caverne du Pont-d'Arc opens its doors. Reproducing the cave and its cave paintings, the site is about one kilometre as the crow flies from the original, which on 22 June 2015 will be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
"This is a major event, because it is a major discovery that took place twenty years ago. There are places that don't belong to anyone, not even to a time, to a country, but that belong to humanity", declared the President of the French Republic during his inauguration.