Because your safety remains our priority, we have put in place a strict and precise protocol so that you can make the most of the facilities made available to you with complete peace of mind while protecting everyone's health.
In short, as long as this crisis lasts, we will apply the exact opposite of what we have been doing for the past 10 years ... This is new work and we are counting on you to help us.

In order to guarantee you a minimum of conviviality, we have thought about the subject of creating the table d'hôtes that we used to organise up to now on a single table where everyone enjoyed meeting each other.
Inside, in order to respect the distance, our large table now welcomes 6 guests, the others will be seated on beautiful small tables that we have arranged in the living room.
Outside, each room now has its own table under the barn.
Contrary to a restaurant, we wish to preserve the spirit and conviviality that you are looking for by selecting our accommodation. It's up to you to help us achieve this.
BEFORE EVERY HANDLING a hydroalcoholic solution is available at the pool bar to disinfect your hands or better still you have some Marseille soap.
We count on the vigilance of the parents so that the children respect the distance and the calm that many of our guests come to find in a guesthouse. 
Our wish is not to play the policeman and we appeal to your common sense, however we will remain vigilant, always with the aim that everyone has a very good stay without any apprehension.
We have boules games on site, but for added safety, if you like to play, don't forget to bring your pairs of boules (if you have any).
We have always attached great importance to the maintenance of the house, linen and outdoor areas.
In view of the strict sanitary protocol imposed in terms of disinfection of the premises to which we are subject, we do not want to forget anything before each arrival, so we have been obliged to remove from the rooms everything that is not useful to you in order to facilitate maintenance and limit the risks (cushions and certain superfluous decorative objects, plaids, courtesy trays, bathroom accessories, documentation, magazines, etc.). ). We have kept a minimum of things so that the place remains pleasant all the same... Forgive us if the place does not completely correspond to your wishes, but it is for your health!
Before each arrival, we carry out a complete disinfection of the room and all contact points (including curtains, mattresses and pillows by spraying) using suitable products from the sanytol range. 
Before leaving your room for your daily walks, it is essential to open WINDOWS AND SHUTTERS in order to ventilate the room completely, which will bring you fresher air and limit the "confinement" mode. We will take care during the cleanliness passage to air the whole house and close it.
As previously mentioned, a clean-up in the sanitary facilities is carried out every morning at around 11.00 am and towels are changed approximately every 3 days; please note that we will not tidy your room or clean it completely. Exceptionally this year, for obvious sanitary reasons, we will leave you to make your bed. If you do not wish us to take you back to your room, please let us know on arrival.
The common areas are disinfected daily using the same gestures to protect you. Please inform us if you notice any anomaly, as we cannot be behind everyone at every moment of the day.
Always in order to limit the spread and to facilitate the disinfection of the rooms, we have removed all the books as well as the various tourist documentation that were in the library. 
Don't worry, we will always be available to help you organise your escapades and will hand-deliver (and sanitise with gel...) all the necessary documentation.
For any reservation for the 2021 season a deposit must be sent to us. In the event of impossibility to insure your stay due to the Covid-19 crisis, the deposit paid will be returned without penalty.

As you can imagine, these changes require a lot of work and a lot of responsibility ... Everyone's health is of the utmost importance. 
We hope that this new protocol will be validated by you so that your holidays remain unforgettable, while maintaining a pleasant, friendly and serene setting and we count on your understanding and collaboration.
If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call us. We will always be at your disposal.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Mas des Arômes!
Isabelle & Michel

The health, safety and security of our guests remains our top priority. 
And there you have it ... reconfinement has rang .... 
We have been on course since 11th May 2020 and wish to extend our opening period to welcome people who need to travel for professional purposes.
We respect distancing and barrier gestures,and disinfect all contact points.
For 10 years, we have been doing everything we can to make sure that you spendan excellent stay at Mas des Arômes
We have had to make some changes to our habits in view of the crisis we are going through and we invite you to take a look at these changes.
We are counting on you to help us apply them.
We look forward to meeting you soon or to seeing you in Provence.