Villages des Bories

(32 km 35 mn)
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Le Mas des Arômes, bed and breakfast in Vaucluse, Luberon offers you a visit to the village of Les Bories near Gordes, one of the most beautiful villages in France.

At the bend in the paths penetrating the garrigue, the visitor discovers this group of thirty dry-stone huts resurrected and restored by ten years of work.
These typical constructions with their pure and simple forms represent an architectural masterpiece: the skilful stacking of unjointed stones with a corbelled vault. Small sheds that reflect so well the harmony of the natural elements, from which emanate an austere character and, at the same time, an extreme softness caressed by the astonishing light of Provence.
The village of Les Bories, unique of its kind, is made up of seven groups of sheds, each with a specific function. You can recognize dwellings, stables, sheepfolds, barns, attics, silkworm farms and bakeries, vats and fouloirs, hen houses, soues and goatherds.
The existence of this village proves that, apart from the intermittent use of borie, for example as a temporary dwelling or for pastoral or agricultural purposes, one could also find a social and economic organisation built around these dwellings in ancient times.